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Coming Soon: GCADA Summer Antiques Show & Sale
June 16th   Canandaigua, NY 

Attention Dealers *Special Section to be Placed in the June’18 Issue*

We have partnered with the GCADA to promote the upcoming Summer Antiques Show with a special section in the June 2018 issue.  This section will include a dealer map, advertising for dealers
at the show as well as items they will have available. Contact Ashleigh Curry today! 

Deadline: May 11th  –   Mailed Out: May 18th
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Fakes I’ve Known by Lew Larason

An antiques dealer friend generally buys and sells “mid-century” furniture, which doesn’t interest me very much since I was making furniture “back then.” However, she finds some interesting items. Recently, she asked me to re-glue two chairs...

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The Pâte de Verre of G. Argy-Rousseau

One of the more recognizable and influential pâte de verre artists of the Art Nouveau period is G. Argy-Rousseau. Born in France in 1885 to a family of simple farmers, Joseph-Gabriel Rousseau would evolve into an inquisitive engineer, inventor and artist,...

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4th Annual Kempton Antique Show

The fourth annual one-day Kempton Antique Show was staged on Saturday, October 21 at the Community Recreation Center in Kempton, Berks County, Pennsylvania. It opened at 9 a.m. and closed at 4 p.m. on a mild, mostly sunny day. Inside the...

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Publishers Message: What We Are Missing?

Regular readers of this column may remember one from a few years back, written as I traveled by train from Buffalo to New York City. The gist of that column was that the “backside” of many buildings revealed a little of the past because the...

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